Friday 10 April 2009


Stars come out in support of Brighton and Sussex Anti-BNP Campaign

A campaign by the Brighton and Hove branches of Unite Against Fascism
and Love Music Hate Racism has attracted support from music stars and
celebrities in the city.
The campaign aims to make sure people in the city use their votes in
the June European elections in order to stop the BNP winning a seat.
Bands supporting the campaign include The Go!Team, Brighton’s most
popular Mercury Prize nominated musical export, another favourite with
indie fans and festival goers, the Blood Red Shoes have also leant
support. Other local names joining the cause include Simon Fanshawe
and Atilla the Stockbroker, who has also written a poem for the campaign.
The BNP is a fascist party and needs less than 8% of the vote to win
one of the ten seats available in the South-East region. European
seats are awarded using a proportional Representation method, meaning
a much lower vote is needed for a party to gain success.

Supporters Quotes:

The Go!Team:
“The BNP have been getting increasingly dangerous in recent years – by
choosing their words carefully and becoming more PR savvy they’ve
attempted to rebrand themselves as a respectable alternative and it
seems – worryingly – a few people are buying it. The more people
that turn up to vote in the European elections – the less of a chance
the BNP stand.”

Says Ian Parton, leader and founder the Go!Team. Nominated for the
Mercury Prize in 2005

The Blood Red Shoes:
“for us music is about unity, about people connecting with each other,
becoming closer, about one-ness. the BNP is a right wing organisation
which represents division, superiority and oppression – the antithesis
of what all great art aspires to, and indeed the antithesis of what
any civilized society should be based upon. please use your vote in
the european elections because every vote against the BNP keeps them
further from holding any real power.”

Steven Ansell, vocals and drums.

Simon Fanshawe, writer, broadcaster, consultant, Chair Of The
University of Sussex
“How ever distant it might feel to our day to day lives, voting is
crucial in the European Elections. One, because it’s our voice – it
may feel like a squeak to each of us but together it’s a roar – and
two, if we roar loud enough for democracy then the ugly parties like
the BNP don’t stand a chance. It’s not just for you and me. They
attack the weak and play on people’s fears. So vote for your self but
also vote to stop them hurting your friend. “

Atilla The Stockbroker:
“The BNP say they’ve changed. Well, they might have managed to attract
a couple of candidates who don’t actually have swastika tattoos on
their foreheads and an inabilty to control their right arms, and
apparently they won’t let people wear 18 hole DMs at their meetings
any more, but their leadership are the same sad old fascists and their
dreams are the same sad old fascist dreams. The mainstream parties
have betrayed us, and disillusionment with the political process is
quite rightly at an all time high – but the BNP, a direct descendant
of the Hitler-admiring parties of the past few decades, is no answer.
Don’t support the BNP – it’s bad for your reputation! See below……


There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
He’s there on the list, that’s for sure
His hobbies are bowls and line dancing
And he lives at 204!
Well, I must say that he looks quite normal
And his wife makes a nice cup of tea…..
There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
I’m glad he’s not next door to me!

He’s bald, but, no, he’s not a skinhead
He wears Hush Puppies, not those big boots
His dog’s a shitsu, not a pitbull
And he doesn’t goose step, he – commutes!
It’s a Rotary Club badge, I’m certain
That little one on his lapel
There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
Goes to show that you never can tell …….

I bet that his wife is embarrassed
And she wishes that nobody knew
Now they’re caling her ‘Eva’ – that’s horrid!
Been expelled from the W.I. too……
Do they really? What, NOTHING but Wagner?
AND so loud that the neighbours complain?
There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
And there’s talk of a local campaign!

Yes, I know you work at the newsagents.
What has that got to do with this tale?
You’re right! It’s the proof. Yes, we’ve got him.
Life subscription to the Daily Mail……
Who, of course, said ‘Hooray for the Blackshirts!’
Now it all makes complete sense to me.

There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
He’s as Nazi as Nazi can be!

Contact Brighton and Hove Love Music Hate Racism:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07906508426

UAF in Brighton:
[email protected]

Help spread the word: Join the Facebook event “Vote to stop the
racist BNP in 2009”:

and invite all your friends.

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