Thursday 9 June 2011

Say NO to Nazi bands in north London!

Love Music Hate Racism has discovered an event at Electrowerkz in Islington on Saturday June 25th, which features bands with clear fascist ties.

LMHR and UAF have called a protest outside the venue that evening.

The bands on the bill – Sol Invictus, 6 Comm, Joy of Life and Freya Aswynn – all have a long association with racism and fascism.

Tony Wakeford, leading member of Sol Invictus, is an ex-member of the National Front, as well as having formed the known fascist bands Death in June (well known for their Nazi symbolism and wearing SS uniforms) and Above The Ruins.

The other acts performing also have a similarly connected history. These acts use racist lyrics and samples in their songs, as well as abstracted Nazi symbolism in their artwork (see this link for a detailed description and history of all acts involved).

The well-known Nazi organisation Stormfront also has the event promoted on their website and states that their members will be attending the event.

Despite frequent contact and this information being given, Slimelight are uninterested in cancelling the event. Camden New Journal have also contacted the Slimelight owner, who said that he fully admits the fascist ties to all the bands playing on June 25th, but believes that “fascism is an art form as well” and is a “powerful language”.

Furthermore, it has come to our attention that Slimelight have booked a further set of act with fascist ties for a gig in October. These include Peter Sotos who has written tributes to Joseph Mengele (also known as the Angel of Death in Auschwitz) and who’s self produced fanzine contains references to ‘Nazi Triumphs’, with frequent and lurid references to the abuse of children and women.

LMHR believes that the use of fascist symbols, slogans and lyrics in music not only undermines those that have suffered and died under the attack of fascism in our history, but also seeks to attack our celebrated multicultural society.

If left unchallenged, the actions of these individuals gives confidence to fascist and racists, providing an illusion of mainstream acceptance of their vile views. Both LMHR and UAF encourage all anti-fascists and anti-racists to protest on June 25th.


Slimelight (Electrowerkz)

7 Torrens Street
United Kingdom
Saturday June 25th – 6PM to 10PM

More details to follow.

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